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Which Event Is The Right One For Your Charity?

Which event is the right one for your charity?

Chapeau Events work closely with charities to provide safe, enjoyable and meaningful challenges. These quality events are designed specifically for fundraising groups and aim to maximise donations to the charity involved…a fantastic way to raise funds and equally important…awareness!

So why use Chapeau…what do they offer Charities?

  • We organise events tailored specifically to you and personalised to the charity
  • You will receive our commitment to safe, professionally-run events
  • We will work as a team with you, building long-term relationships
  • We will continue to provide year after year support and continuous events
  • You can expect a passionate and knowledgeable team
  • Guaranteed flexible, friendly approach
  • Highly competitive prices designed to your aspirations.

Bespoke event?

Bespoke events are a great way to raise large amount of funds whilst raising awareness of your Charity. The trip will be advertised as your own event and every participant on the challenge will be raising funds specifically for your cause.

You can either choose an event from the Chapeau Events menu, whether in the UK or abroad, or allow us to design an exciting new challenge to fit your ideas…Let’s get creative, we can run trips almost anywhere!
These events are tailored to your charity. We will work alongside you to ensure all the trip planning meets your requirements, those of your supporters, and the trip itself is run the way you would expect; from initial discussions, to the lead-up of the event, all the way to the finish, providing post-trip support.

Bespoke challenges are very flexible. You can choose your event based on the demographics of your supporter base, your time scales and your budget. You can also set your own fundraising targets, thereby controlling your revenue, and send your own style of information, when and how you like; truly personalised to the charity.


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Open event?

Chapeau Events run many open challenges throughout the year. These are multi-charity focused. In other words, open to everyone. Your supporters will choose to take part in this event for you. They’ll pay a registration fee and then raise at least the minimum sponsorship, often more! There is no cost and no commitment from the charity.

This is a risk-free way to be involved in challenge events, allowing you to offer more choice in addition to your bespoke challenges. With open challenges, every charity, no matter how large or small, is able to take advantage of our expertise in organising and leading safe, meaningful and highly enjoyable fundraising events. There’s no need to commit time and resources to recruit a minimum number of participants; you can benefit even from one supporter taking part. They provide a wider choice of events for your supporters with an extensive selection of destinations and departure dates, whether you already offer bespoke challenges to your supporters or not. Chapeau Events open challenges are consistently and competitively priced to offer you the best income possibilities.