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Joint T&Cs The Shakespeare Hospice R&J 2020

Event Terms and Conditions

Juliet and Romeo Ride, 2nd– 7thJune 2020

By applying for entry into the Event I agree with The Shakespeare Hospice that:


Price & Sponsorship 

All Cyclists will be required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £100 when they sign up to this event; then you will have two price options:
1) Minimum Sponsorship: You only pay your registration fee but you must commit to raising £1,350 in sponsorship, or;
2) Self-Funded: You pay your registration fee but you also pay the event cost fee of £1,000, total cost £1,100. In this option there is no minimum sponsorship, we simply ask you to raise as much as you can!

Registration and participation 

  1. Registration and entrance to this event must be only be completed by those who will be aged 18 years or over on the date of the Event.
  2. I will pay a non-refundable registration fee of £150 to secure my place onto the event, which is payable immediately upon registration.
  3. I will inform The Shakespeare Hospice Fundraising Team immediately if I am unable to take part in the Event by 10 weeks prior to 2ndJune 2020. When my withdrawal is acknowledged, I will not be liable to raise any further sponsorship.
  4. Registration fee is non refundable.
  5. If the Hospice does not receive all payments due from you in respect of the ride in full and on time, your place on the ride will no longer be guaranteed and your Registration Fee will be lost.  Your Trip booking will be treated as cancelled by you.
  6. If you cannot take part you may find another cyclist to take your place this must be completed no later than 10 weeks prior to the event and the organisers will arrange the substitution at an admin fee of £50 payable to The Shakespeare Hospice. The original entrant will not be refunded his/her deposit. We will not be accepting substitutions after the closing date. The substitution will only be granted on the condition the substitute satisfies the conditions applicable to the event.
  7. I understand that The Shakespeare Hospice have the right to refuse registration or application for a place in an Event on health and safety grounds or without providing reasons for doing so and at any time.
  8. You the Cyclist, accept that the event you are entering is not a race in any format.
  9. Chapeau Events Ltd reserves the right to shorten or alter the published route at any time. In this instance, you do not have the right to claim a refund if the route is shortened or altered.
  10. You will be fully responsible for any fees or costs incurred or arising from an accident either involving or caused by your actions. This includes, but is not exclusive to, fees from Police, Air Ambulance, Fire and Rescue and the Ambulance service. If the situation arises that you are not capable of making the decision to call the emergency services, you agree that a member Chapeau Events Ltd or 3rdParties contracted to the Event, or a member of the public may call on your behalf. In this situation, you still accept the costs and consequences of such actions.
  11. The event may be cancelled if the minimum number of people needed to participate has not been met. We will advise you of this no later than 10 weeks prior to the start date of your event.
  12. Our events do not include flights and it is your responsibility to book flights separately and to arrive at the starting point on time.
  13. If you fail to use any service, features, hotel accommodation paid for within the event, we will offer no refund or compensation.
  14. Support vehicles and crew carry basic first aid during the event and if anything over and above this is required due to a condition you may have, please discuss this with us before making your booking. We may also need to carry out a risk assessment.
  15. Your bike will be transported from The Shakespeare Hospice to the event, and on completion of the journey your bike shall return to The Shakepseare Hospice, mechanical help is available via Chapeau Events during the event 

Minimum fundraising target and payment terms

  1. The entry cost for this event is £950. I understand I need to raise £500 for The Shakespeare Hospice (excluding gift aid and registration fee) through my participation in the Event, giving a total fundraising amount of £1450. I understand it is the aim of this Event to raise as much above this amount as possible.
  2. If at any point I feel unable to raise the pledged amount, I will inform The Shakespeare Hospice Fundraising team immediately in order that they can have the opportunity to offer assistance with fundraising.
  3. I will regularly pay all money collected on behalf of The Shakespeare Hospice to The Shakespeare Hospice directly by the following means:-
    1. Via an online giving platform;
    2. to The Shakespeare Hospice bank account: Account Number: 30127353 Sort Code: 20-48-08 quoting the reference: your surname/RJRIDE20
    3. via cheque, CAF vouchers and Charities trust vouchers made payable to The Shakespeare Hospice and sent to The Fundraising Team, The Shakespeare Hospice, Church Lane, Shottery, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 9UL. Alternatively credit or debit card donations made by calling The Shakespeare Hospice Fundraising Team directly on 01789 266 852 within 30 days of me receiving the money before the event date.*
  1. I agree that if I withdraw for any reason prior to the Event, any monies raised will be non-refundable and will be treated as a donation to The Shakespeare Hospice.
  2. I will only use sponsorship forms issued by The Shakespeare Hospice and not use any other type of sponsorship form (unless otherwise agreed with The ShakespeareHospice)
  3. I will send The Shakespeare Hospice my completed sponsor forms with details of the names and addresses of and amounts donated or pledged by all sponsors no later than 4 weeks after the Event. This will allow The Shakespeare Hospice to process gift aid on donations.
  4. The ride will only be cancelled, re- routed or stopped for reasons of safety; in circumstances beyond our control; or for reasons stated in point 11 above. Entry fees, however are not refundable. – Ive amended this as original coment contradicted point 11 above and ride could be cancelled in servere bad weather where Chapeau Events felt it wasn’t safe to continue


  1. I will comply with any fundraising guidance or advice issued by The Shakespeare Hospice and abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice issued by the Fundraising Regulator.
  2. I will collect money only on behalf of The Shakespeare Hospice in connection with the Event.
  3. I will use only lawful means to fundraise for The Shakespeare Hospice and will not do anything that harms or is likely to harm The Shakespeare Hospice reputation.
  4. I will not use The Shakespeare Hospice logo without permission and will obtain all fundraising materials from The Shakespeare Hospice.
  5. My fundraising will not include:
    1. Raising funds by carrying out door-to-door or unsolicited collections;
    2. Collecting in any public place without first obtaining a The Shakespeare Hospice collectors’ licence from The Shakespeare Hospice and authorisation from the local authority and any other licences or consent that The Shakespeare Hospice require me to obtain.
    3. Collecting on private property (including shops, pubs etc) without first obtaining The Shakespeare Hospice collectors’ licence from The Shakespeare Hospice and permission of the owner of the private property.
    4. Conducting any raffle or lottery or putting on any public Event without first contacting The Shakespeare Hospice and taking any steps which The Shakespeare Hospice require.
  6. I agree that Gift Aid payments cannot count towards the pledge to raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship for the Shakespeare Hospice and instead will be considered as over and above the pledged fundraising total.
  7. I agree that The Shakespeare Hospice can terminate my authority to fundraise on their behalf at any time by sending written notice to the address below.

Personal data and images

  1. If I have given ticked consent on my registration form for Photographs to be taken of me during the event, I am consenting to Chapeau Events or The Shakespeare Hospice to use any Photographs and/or video coverage taken of me during the event, for promotional purposes at any point in any time. This includes both websites, social media, brochures and videos and I hereby waive any right to compensation or payment for such use.
  2. I give permission for my personal information to be stored and used by The Shakespeare Hospice in connection with the organisation, promotion and administration of this Event and any other Events or promotions offered by The Shakespeare Hospice.
  3. Contact details provided are used to keep you up to date about the event you are taking part in. We may ask for next of kin details in case of an emergency. All details will be stored securely and are used in relation to the event you are taking part in.
  4. I give permission for my personal information to be passed on to the Event Organiser by The Shakespeare Hospice for the purposes of the organisation, promotion and administration of this Event.
  5. Further information on how The Shakespeare Hospice use and store my data is available to view on The Shakespeare Hospice website within their Privacy policy. Click here to view
  6. In order that Event Organiser can provide the services included in your trip the Charity will be required to collect some personal information from you to enable the Event Organiser, to provide the ride to you. It may be necessary for Event Organiser to share this information with its suppliers and the Event Organiser may contact you in order to send you further information regarding Chapeau Events and its services. For full details of how your information is used, please refer to Chapeau privacy policy. Click here to view

Health, safety and fitness

  1. It is mandatory that all cyclists wear a safety-approved cycling helmet complying with latest EN1078, ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards. Any rider not wearing a helmet will not be permitted to participate. You must accept this as a condition of entry. Chapeau Events Ltd reserve the right to refuse entry to the event to anyone with inappropriate equipment or clothing.
  2. Cyclists are to ensure their bikes are road worthy, mechanically sound and carry relevant spares as necessary to maintain and repair their bikes.
  3. All participants must abide by these rules and any instructions given by event staff. The staff do not have authority to stop motorists; they are there for the safety of yourself and other road users.
  4. A road bike is recommended for this event
  5. You must obey all cycle laws and regulations for the country that the event is taking place in. You are requested to ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time. Please be aware of your fellow cyclists and other traffic. Please indicate your intention to stop or change direction. Please do not pass through any traffic lights on red. Cyclists found to be riding outside of the road rules will be subject to disqualification. For your own safety and that of other riders, please do not use your mobile phone while riding. You must stop at the side of the road if you need to make or receive a call.
  6. The Shakespeare Hospice takes reasonable steps to minimise the risk of injury to all participants during our own organised events. A risk assessment process is in place for each event. By taking part in an event, you acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond our control that can lead to unforeseen risks. If you have any concerns or queries please contact us before agreeing to take part in an event.
  7. I will fully prepare myself for the physical challenge of the Event and I will check with my doctor to ensure that I am medically fit to participate in the Event.
  8. Any correspondence regarding these terms and conditions should be directed to The Shakespeare Hospice Fundraising Team, Church Lane, Shottery, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9UL.