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What Our Customers Say

“To the Chapeau Team – you’ve shared the administrative stresses and gone above and beyond to make this trip a success. I couldn’t have asked for a kinder, more patient or more supportive team to get me through the past 8 months! Thank you David, Michelle and Co”

Becky Beard

“I’ve just come back from an incredible trip with Chapeau – what an unforgettable experience. Dave and his team are absolutely fantastic and provide the most wonderful experience. From the word go the event was well and truly organised. I can’t thank the team enough for your support and encouragement. From Jon cheering me up the hills to the delicious food stops, or the love bus cruising, the team are extremely dedicated and work tirelessly to provide you with the BEST time. Keep up all your hard work everyone…missing all your smiley faces…lots of love from a very novice London to Paris rider”

Lara Eggleston

“Just gone from an absolutely fantastic (despite horrendous weather) Coast to Coast ride with Chapeau. I just wanted to pass on massive thanks to Ian and Ash for everything they did. They were awesome…just to let you know how much we appreciated them”

Sarah White

“Its been a brilliant trip and the team have been superb. Lots of support as we left en-route at each drink and feed station and at the end of every day. I’d like to thank the course markers as they did such a great job, unseen but fully appreciated and also the support team for helping us be better than we thought possible”

Michael Hobster

“Chapeau: as a cyclist all of my life, I have watched and spectated at many cycle events including the TdeF, and competed in quite a few, therefore a boyhood dream is to be treated like a pro rider…and during this event my dream has come true – thanks to Dave and the team. The final ride into Paris will live with me till I die – I was in tears most of the way! The three days were organised with precision and sone so clearly by people who understood cycling and cyclists – the banter between fellow cyclists was brilliant and their support and enthusiasm must set a new level of service in this business – in short they are excellent and ‘Team Wales’ or as Chapeau named us – ‘Four Blokes and a Blonde’ will be riding with them again in the future either for a charity event or as a client.

Jon Deacon

“Great riding and meeting you all. A fantastic week and a massive thanks to the Chapeau team!”

Mark Nicholls

“It wasn’t just the location, weather and cycling, but the team you have which really made it stand apart. The organisation, catering & general helpfulness / professionalism of the Chapeau crew was really impressive”

Paul Allman

“Had such a fabulous time with a group of amazing people. Doesn’t get better than this…bloody love cycling in Italia…Thank you Chapeau!”

John Fletcher

“That was the best route and route marked trip I’ve ever been on…and I’ve done hundreds. Thank you Chapeau!”

Paul Maher

“It was the best trip ever, so well organised…..can’t stop thinking about it, keep looking at the photos. Need to bottle the feeling and keep it forever”.

Sarah May

“This is the first time I’ve done anything like this in my life and I would just like to thank all the crew from Chapeau for looking after me so well. Who’d have thought I could achieve so much but with the right support and patience from the crew. I amazed myself and will definitely be signing up for next year’s trip”

Deborah Reynolds

“This year I had a priceless opportunity to be part of the L2P team, with some of the most humbled, kind, selfless and motivated individuals, who helped me do something extraordinary. I have learnt a lot and forever grateful for their help and effort, hard work, the calmness they taught me and the smiles they put on my face”

Afshin Tavakoli